Stuff My Roommate Says in His Sleep by DeaconBlue1

Stop murdering me

my 18yo brother called out for help in his sleep anand when i went to him he said “no no not from you” and continued to sleep

My sister said one time “I can’t see the toilet from here you planned this all along.”
So my grandmother moved her to the bathroom and woke her up for school.

My sister use to talk in her sleep, an one time we were camping an her and I shared a tent and in the middle of the night she screamed “I can’t put my stuff there!!! Ralph took half the cupboard!!!” To this day we still do not know a Ralph.

one time I woke myself up because I shouted “Alex, stop it!” And my brother - who is Alex - shouted back “I didn’t do anything!” He sounded so offended.

one time at a girl scout sleepover, this one girl fell asleep before us other three in the room, and she said stuff for hours… and we thought it was all fun and games, we even got sad when she stopped… but after a few minutes of silence, she comes out with “It’s killer night.” and I swear we all screamed like little girls.


Has Venice’s famous Grand Canal completely frozen over? Not quite. Though it may appear so in these photos, they’re actually the clever work of art director Robert Jahns (@nois7 on Instagram). He’s taken photos shot by others, like Venice’s Piazza San Marco by Luis Manuel Osorio Fernando, and Russia’s Lake Bakail taken by Daniel Kordan, and spliced them together to create a surreal composite that looks almost believable. Though Venice’s famous canals have frozen in the past, as they did most recently in 2012, they’ve never turned completely solid like this.